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What our goal is?



Efficiency Improvement?

Energy Saving?

Energy innovation for life, for sustainably environmental development

In order to solve critically environmental problem like global warming, energy and water pollution problem;
All of us, all co-operations, all communities and countries must extremely dedicate and exert all out efforts.

We KANKYO Solutions,
have gathered the latest technologies from all fields currently existing in diversification throughout the globe for spreading out that will lead to better environmental development.


Energy Management Consultancy Team provides consultations on energy management system

Designing conceptual process to push for the change in the energy process, the use of tools in analysis in order to solve the problems which will lead to the search for new innovation and service that will result in the use of energy with efficiency and cause the reduction on the use of energy.


Re-investment, Worthwhile, Low Capital Required, Quick Return

“Frozen Food Business:
When consumers’ behaviors have changed; consumption demands are increasingly more; time available is less,
how can the production capacity with efficiency be increased with cost reductions?”

“FT at present which is levied from electricity users is getting higher continuously,
thus, necessitating the electricity users under the present situation to find their ways out by reducing the use of energy,
but, is there any solution to increase the efficiency while reducing the expense cost at the same time?”

“What can we do with the increasing production cost while the machine efficiency is down?”

“Because the world can never yet find energy sufficiently for use; but, everything has changed.
When light bulbs gave lights, electric current system was originated at the same time”

“At present, many waste water treatment lagoons have still deployed the old type of aerators where the maintenance cost is high,
but, the efficiency is contrarily down. So, how can we do to reduce the maintenance cost and increase the efficiency?”

“Working Process of Management is important to business organization because every step has the effect on the success
to generate the profits and helps the business organization to be able to continuously carry out the operations”

“Environmental crisis situation at the present and trend in the future are the consequences of the overuse
of the resources in excess of the production capacity and the lessening in the environmental system restoration;
the use of technology unsuitable to the natural resources and being inefficiency have henceforward
made the seriousness of environmental problem multiply increased. Practically, the unsuitable technology
usually means a technology employing the most simple and mild level of technology (on the environment)”


Energy Check Expert having working experience with modern equipment yields the accurate result on the checks and reporting.

4 Steps in providing services:


Efficiency Improvement
Reducing energy, conserving environment towards cost saving,

Client Saving*
kWh :
CO2kg :

By comprehensively working system
(Energy Management Team / Energy Checking Team /
Efficiency Improvements ad Modifications / Lead to sustainable cost reductions).
We Guarantee to add Re-Value Energy

Corporate Social Responsibility

(Global Conservation/Energy Conservation/Environmental Conservation)
How environmental condition can be changed to cause the rising on the use of energy with efficiency?

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We are optimally determined to be a well friendly partner with sociality and environment.

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